15min Advanced Session

This session offers 15 minutes of riding time within a 60 or 75 minute time slot with up to 4 other people. It is our standard booking unit. It is suited for everyone who has been wakeboarding before. Regardless whether you are looking to improve what you have already learned during your first beginner course or if you are a more advanced wakeboarder. The riding time is generally split into 2 x 7.5 minutes because riding 15 minutes at a time can be very exhausting.

This session includes individual coaching.

If you are looking to improve your wakeboarding, learn new tricks and get creative on the water - our expert coaches are more than happy to help you.

The purchase of this session offers you:

  • 15 minutes riding time within a 60 or 75 minute timeslot
  • Individual coaching
  • It is transferable and giftable

*Valid for 3 years 

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